On my website is a collection of some of my work and a few thoughts about what inspires me.

I use a wide range of materials in my work and the choice of acrylics, oils pastels and charcoal is often fairly spontaneous. I enjoy varying the mediums I use and find each has unique qualities that can lend something to the work.

I am more often than not trying to catch the essence of something rather than the thing itself. It could be a place, a moment in time, a feeling, or a memory. I tend to move from a more realistic style to more abstract way of working as a theme or idea takes hold. I start with an idea and will sometimes go through a range of collected materials including photographs, sketches, old menus or pages torn out of magazines to help get in the moment again. Then I just begin and let things unravel. I work on quite tough surfaces so I can build up and scratch back into the surface. The finished work is a buildup of layers. I think this layering reflects life, the build up of experiences, and growth that happens over the years, each layer drawing from, but partly obscuring the previous one.

I like to take advantage of accidents or changes in direction that happen on the way. This way I can stay in the moment and enjoy the journey rather than worrying too much about the destination. Like most trips you eventually arrive even though some are harder than others. At the end of the day if one of my works strikes a chord with someone else, then thats a nice ending. Enjoy.